The Marti Leider Foundation was established in 2014 to award scholarships to those affected by colon cancer and provide donations to hospice care providers. Inspired by our mother's life, we want to raise money through various events and activities. The MLF is a fully certified 501(c)3 organization that ensures 100% of funds go toward scholarships and donations.

Currently, the MLF is planning to make a four-year commitment to provide significant financial support to a student who will begin high school in the 2017-2018 school year. We will update
all those who have helped the MLF as we take steps toward fulfilling this goal.

Also, the MLF will continue to make regular donations to end-of-life care centers, specifically to
help with burial/funeral costs for those otherwise unable to afford them. These gifts go directly
to JourneyCare, the parent company of the hospice facility that cared for Marti in her final days.

For more information, check out our FAQ page.

For more dirt on Marti, check out our share page. (Submissions welcome/encouraged.)

Please visit our Links page for more information on colon cancer and other charitable organizations.

Contact Megan Leider, MLF President, or Nick Leider, MLF Secretary, with any additional questions.